What if the can tips or falls over, will the silicone seal keep it from leaking?

The silicone seal is very tight and there will not be any leakage whatsoever. (I actually just tipped over and then dropped 3 cans and the seal was perfect!) By Helene Meingarten on August 25, 2016

It will not leak. We have done numerous physical disturbance tests and the seal wasn't compromised. By Cansealid Corporation on August 23, 2016

Can the cans be stored upside down with these lids?

Yes. Note that oil based paints (and gravity) will soften and stretch the top but after washing, the material returns to its original shape. By Cansealid Corporation on September 18, 2016

Yes. I left 5 cans + lids upside down last night (just to make sure) and there was no leakage. By Helene Meingarten on September 19, 2016


Is the lid reusable?

Absolutely! The lid is made of a durable silicone material that can withstand many uses. By Cansealid Corporation on May 2, 2016